What is a sinkhole?

What Is a Sinkhole? Signs to Look for in Tampa, Pasco County, Hernando County, Orlando and All Throughout Florida Sinkholes are a common problem faced by for Florida residents, but what exactly is a sinkhole? Quite simply, a sinkhole is a collapse in the surface …

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Signs of Foundation Problems

Help in Identifying Signs of Foundation Problems on Structures in Orlando, Ocala, Ft. Lauderdale, Bradenton and All Florida Cities Ignoring signs of foundation problems at your home or business is never a good idea. While solving foundation issues can often be costly, the longer repairs …

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Sink Hole Causes

Sink Hole Causes Explained by A Foundation Contractor Serving Tampa, Naples, Orlando, Gainesville, and All Florida Cities Sink holes are a familiar concern for many Florida homeowners, but many don’t know what causes a sink hole. At Certified Foundations Inc., we help homeowners, businesses and …

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Need to reach load-bearing depths in high blow count material? ROCK-IT™!

Synonymous with innovative solutions, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. delivers again with The ROCK-IT™ lead section. The single carbide, patent pending design was developed after site testing of several rock anchor configurations at two locations:  Superior, Colorado due to known difficult installations with tough claystone, and …

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Helical Pile Foundation solution for Gantry Crane installation

When Quezon Power Facility Philippines was preparing to install a Gantry Crane they were faced with a few obstacles that deviated from conventional deep foundation solutions to support the project. Challenged with the absence of information on soil composition and underground impediments, along with limited …

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100′ sinkhole has not grown

A retest of the 100′ sinkhole under a vacant building in a Tampa apartment complex has been completed by a firm hired by the City. The results showed that the sinkhole has not grown, and residents in the adjacent buildings will be safe until repairs …

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When eliminating piles from a job site can be beneficial

Restoring slab on grade in a close proximity area at one time meant expensive demolition and rebuild. Imagine contending with the disruption of having no access to your kitchen or bath  while repairs are being made. And once the repairs are completed, you spend more …

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Spray applied sealants – a growing choice for maintaining infrastructure

News generally takes on the negative aspects of what’s being reported.  For example, accounts regarding the nation’s infrastructure.  Stories from covering crumbling roads, highways, and bridges, to the funding issues, are front and center. Behind the negative press there are positive stories about the innovations …

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Checking public records for sinkhole activity

Are you currently in the process of buying a home?  What assumptions do you have about the roles and responsibilities of the real estate professionals representing you? You may be surprised to know that not all realtors take the time to check public records for reports of …

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