Sea Wall Repair Services for Tampa, Miami, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville and All Other Florida Cities

Reliable sea wall repair services are important to many Florida businesses and residents with coastal property. As water seeps through the construction joints, it can lead to erosion in the soil behind the wall as well as spalling damage, both of which can eventually lead to a collapse. Fortunately, the skilled team at Certified Foundations, Inc. (CFI) has extensive experience restoring sea walls throughout the state. Whether your issue is at a home, waterfront restaurant, high-and-dry marina or commercial port, our company can restore any seawall and provide services to correct any damage to surrounding soils and structures.

Our teams are outfitted with high-performance equipment that allows them to perform a range of concrete repair methods capable of restoring structural integrity to your sea wall. We can also repair seawall erosion damage from water intrusion behind the seawall using a combination of compaction, polyurethane, permeation and slurry grouting methods as needed. In addition to filling voids and enhancing soil stability, these grouting processes can also be used to create a waterproof barrier behind your sea wall, preventing future water intrusions from damaging your property.

In addition to sea wall repair and waterproofing services, our company offers a variety of other foundation repair services, including:

  • Foundation leveling
  • Elevator pit waterproofing
  • Joint sealing
  • Road stabilization
  • Soil stabilization
  • Sidewalk leveling
  • Underpinning
  • And more

To learn more about our sea wall repair service and the many other services we offer, contact us today. CFI proudly serves clients in Sarasota, West Palm Beach, St. Augustine, Naples and all other Florida cities.

“I want to give special thanks for the great job that was done. I never saw three men work so hard, and I must say they left everything just as it was before the job started. I would recommend them to anyone who needed their service. Thanks CFI for a job well done!”

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