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Stucco Restoration

Stucco Restoration by CFI

Certified Foundations provides solutions for:

  • Stucco repair estimates
  • Stucco cracking
  • Stucco dropping off of the structure
  • Stucco pulling away from the structure (i.e., stucco delamination)
  • Stucco discoloration
  • Stucco spalling issues

Our expertise goes into:

  • Planning and preparation for your repair
  • Removal of old stucco
  • Evaluation of existing structure for damage to framing
  • Installation of water resistant barrier
  • Proper paint and sealants
  • Proper Installation Methods/Procedures (Per Engineer Design)


  • Specifically for guarding against rainwater and moisture intrusion
  • Improper installation/application could result in damages:
    • Wood rot to frame
    • Water soaked insulation
    • Toxic mold growth
  • Greatest risk for structural damage is improper installation over wood frame construction


Certified Foundations will ensure that stucco performs as intended and properly functions as a barrier to the outside elements.