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SPRAYROQ® Protective Lining Systems


Engineered Spray Solutions (ESS) is Sprayroq’s Certified Distributor.
Visit them at:   https://www.engineeredspraysolutions.net/ for more information


Developed by Sprayroq, SprayWall® is a durable, spray-applied, 100% VOC-free polyurethane coating that provides both structural enhancement and chemical resistance against all elements that eat away at underground structures. SprayWall® is fast and easy to install. Because of its unique formula, curing will begin in less than 30 seconds. Moments later, the structure can be returned to service.

Typically, an epoxy must cure for 6-24 hours. Sprayroq’s polyurethane products begin curing in approximately 10 seconds. Spraywall reaches a tack-free state within 2 minutes and full cure-through within 4-6 hours.

Applications Include:

Manholes        Tanks              Digesters         Tunnels
Lift                  Grit                 Junction           Secondary
Stations          Chambers        Boxes             Containment
Wet Wells       Clarifiers          Pipelines         Lagoons


Technical Performance and Specifications
  • 50 year design life retaining 70% of Flex Modulus
  • 100% solids – VOC Free
  • >735,000 psi Flex Modulus
  • Density 87 lbs/cu.ft.
  • Hardness, Shore D 85
  • Tensile Strength >7450 psi
  • Elongation <4% at break
  • Adhesion excellent (substrate failure)
    Compressive strength >18,000 psi
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Natural color – golden