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Foundation Settlement Remediation for Jacksonville, Orlando, Hernando County, Lakeland and All of Florida

foundation settlementFoundation settlement can be a serious problem leading to cracked walls, off-kilter doorways and a host of other structural problems. This is especially true in Florida, where our sandy soil is vulnerable to compaction and high rainfall can lead to erosion without proper drainage. Fortunately, underpinning your house with helical piles from Certified Foundations, Inc. (CFI) is an easy and effective means of protecting it from these foundation settlement issues.

Our foundation company uses helical piles from one of the industry’s American manufacturer, A.B. Chance, which has been trusted by thousands of homeowners nationwide since 1912. CFI has been installing helical piles and underpinning products like A.B. Chance for over 20 years, and has been a pioneer in developing equipment that allows their products to be installed in virtually any limited access area. The same innovation our team brought to installing these piers continues today. CFI ‘s new Pro-Dig Intelli-tork Monitoring System is proof of our continued effort to bring the customer innovations like their  state-of-the-art wireless technology for monitoring the installation torque of helical pile installation.

Whether you need piles during preconstruction to prevent future foundation movement or are looking to correct a current foundation settlement issue, we’re the piling contractor you can trust to provide exceptional customer service for your project. When you hire CFI, you can expect:

  • Assistance from our customer care representatives to help you with all of the paperwork required by your mortgage holder, insurer and all other relevant parties
  • Support from our project superintendent, who will ensure your work is completed efficiently
  • Pre- and post-work inspections to ensure your property is fully restored once your foundation settlement work is complete

For more information on how CFI’s helical piles can solve your foundation settlement issues, contact us today. We’re proud to install helical piles and resistance piers for customers in Tampa, Orlando, Pasco County, Jacksonville and all throughout Florida.