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foundation repair pierPier underpinning is a common foundation repair recommendation, but it’s not always clear to homeowners exactly what this process entails and how it affects your home. End-bearing resistance piers are metal sections of pipe that are driven down to connect with the limestone rock or competent bearing strata below your home. The piers are attached to your foundation with a bracket so that two things are accomplished:  the structure’s weight load is more evenly distributed, and it is transferred past the looser top soil layers, down to competent limestone rock or competent bearing strata.  Depending on the subsurface conditions, a foundation repair plan will be value engineered to provide you with the best solution for your foundation repair pier needs.

foundation repair pierWhile a foundation repair with pier underpinning can help restore stability to your building, these products are only effective when installed into limestone rock or competent bearing strata. This may require products be driven deeply into the subsurface. A pier underpinning foundation repair may still leave issues unfixed.  A condition called soil raveling where looser top soils continue to keep eroding, and funnel their way into voids below the surface that may also continue growing. Over time, this erosion can lead to added problems, as soil around foundation piers disappears into these voids. This sinking in unsupported areas can cause damage to your home.  Of particular importance, are the repair plans, which should be designed to permanently remediate sinkholes and stabilize structures. If not done correctly, this ongoing problem will be especially pronounced in areas with sinkhole-like activity, where voids will often continue to grow out of control increasing the cost of foundation repair. It is important that the proper measures are taken in the first place to correctly address the stabilization problem.

At Certified Foundations Inc. (CFI), our foundation repair solutions go beyond simple underpinning when necessary. Underpinning does not remediate a sinkhole. The purpose of underpinning is to stabilize a structure. CFI will work with an engineering firm to incorporate a number of additional processes as needed, to restore the stability of the structure and put the building back on solid ground, including:

  • Chemical foundation grouting
  • Water intrusion grouting
  • Shallow slurry grouting
  • Deep compaction grouting
  • Concrete repair
  • And more

This ensures that our customers receive reliable repair that provides a lasting solution to their foundation problems. As a Chance Alliance Network member we offer a 30-year warranty on our foundation repair pier and pile products, and through 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty we provide a 10-year transferable warranty on our sinkhole repair solutions.

For more information on our foundation repair pier and helical pile underpinning services, contact CFI today. We are happy to serve customers in Tampa, Orlando, Hernando County, West Palm Beach, and all other Florida communities.

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