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foundation inspectionWhether you own a home or run a business, a regular foundation inspection can allow you to catch problems earlier to reduce the costs of repairs and help save your property from becoming seriously damaged. As one of the state’s leading foundation contractors, Certified Foundations, Inc. (CFI) can tell you the signs to look for as indicators of foundation damage, and help you understand the potential causes and solutions. We’re happy to inspect your property and point out signs we see or invite you to one of our Lunch and Learn seminars where you can find out about foundation issues from our highly experienced team members.

Some of the many different signs of foundation problems we can help you identify in your foundation inspection include:

  • Warped or racked doors and windows
  • Wall cracks
  • Depressions on your property
  • Sinking fences / leaning fence posts
  • Cracked decks or sidewalks
  • Patches of dead vegetation
  • Dirty well water
  • Leaning trees or foliage
  • Proper drainage of roof water runoff
  • And more

If we notice several of these signs during your foundation inspection, we can help you find an experienced, reliable geotechnical engineer who can pinpoint the issues and design an effective solution for your foundation problem. CFI can then provide the advanced foundation repair services needed to correct your foundation issue, using a combination of grouting methods and underpinning techniques to restore the surrounding soil and foundation of your property. Throughout every stage of your project, we’ll explain the various causes of foundation damage and how our solution will correct it.

To learn more about getting a foundation inspection from CFI for your property in Clearwater, Bradenton, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville or anywhere throughout Florida, contact us today.

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