Concrete Repair Methods CFI Uses in Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Ft. Myers and All Other Florida Cities

Certified Foundations, Inc. (CFI) utilizes a range of different concrete repair methods to fix issues with a wide range of foundations and structures throughout the state. We understand that choosing a company to fix your problem can be difficult, and confusing if you are unfamiliar with concrete and foundation repair processes. To help you understand the types of services we offer, we would like to provide a brief explanation of them so that you can make a more informed decision when shopping for concrete foundation repairs.

Our concrete repair methods include:

  • Stabilization – We will carefully inject grouts below your concrete to restore stability to the soil, concrete slab or structure’s foundation. This can prevent further sinking or shifting as well as inhibit sinkhole formation.
  • Underpinning – Underpinning is done to transfer the weight of a sinking slab or foundation into more stable soil or bedrock. Traditionally this process involved installing resistance piers or helical piles into the ground and attaching them to the concrete. In some cases, grouting may be required to stabilize soils around piers and piles to enhance lateral stability.
  • Grouting – We can utilize a variety of grouting techniques in our concrete repair methods, ranging from traditional ones like cementations grouting and deep compaction grouting to more modern solutions such as polyurethane foam grouting or chemical slurry grouting.
  • Lifting – This process re-levels concrete slabs which have degraded and have cracked apart and become uneven. It may involve using an expanding or displacing grout, lifting with resistance piers, or a combination of these two processes. We also offer a special lifting process specifically for sidewalk repairs to remove trip and fall hazards.
  • Concrete crack repairIn this type of repair, cracks are ground out, a bonding agent applied and specially blended concrete is poured into the space to provide a structural repair. Similar techniques can be performed to create cosmetic repairs if they are needed.
  • Sea wall repair – Seawater penetrating a seawall can cause damage and spalling over time. Sealing the sea wall and injecting a watertight grout behind it will prevent further erosion or damage.
  • Waterproofing – By injecting watertight grouts below slabs or along the outside of below-ground concrete, we can prevent water from passing through its porous structure. This prevents damage to any reinforcing steel rebar or flooding of the subterranean space.

To learn more about these concrete repair methods, you can attend one of our Lunch and Learn seminars or contact us and speak directly with one of CFI’s foundation repair professionals. We are proud to serve customers in Tampa, Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville and all other Florida cities.

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