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Concrete Jacking for Orlando, Miami, Pasco County, Jacksonville, and All Florida Communities

concrete jackingConcrete jacking from Certified Foundations Inc. (CFI) offers a “greener” way to restore stability to commercial structures for businesses across Florida. Using high-compressive strength, expanding polyurethane foam injected through drill holes, we can quickly correct settlement damage and fill voids with minimal interference to your operations. Our concrete jacking teams are outfitted with advanced grouting equipment that allows us to deliver grout precisely, even in confined environments and uses products, such as De Neef grouts, that offer a broad range of high-quality, effective grouting solutions.

We have used these innovative concrete lifting processes and products on a number of projects, including the Shands Parking Garage foundation repair at the University of Florida where 3” to 4” of settlement were discovered along with voids up to 2’ deep. The engineering firm on the project was so impressed with the innovation showed by CFI in the concrete restorations and repairs that they submitted the project for the Florida Parking Association’s 2011 Parking Awards Competition. CFI has also provided concrete jacking for a range of other structures, including:

  • Sidewalks
  • Privately owned roadways
  • Auto shops
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial businesses
  • And more

In addition to concrete jacking, CFI can deliver a number of other effective foundation solutions. Whether you need deep compaction grouting for a sinkhole remediation, shallow slurry grouting for preconstruction soil stabilization, or underpinning for added stability to a sinking structural foundation, our team can provide an effective solution that meets your engineer’s exact specifications.

To learn more about CFI’s concrete jacking and other foundation repair services for commercial businesses, contact us today. Our company proudly serves customers in Tampa, Gainesville, Miami, Hernando County, and all throughout Florida.