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Commercial Projects

Jacksonville, Florida

Structural Engineer:

What seemed to be a simple pin pile installation at the Jacksonville port quickly turned into an engineering puzzle: as sheet piles were being installed to secure a failing bulkhead, a void was discovered in an adjacent warehouse, making it necessary to shore up the columns before further vibratory sheet pile installation could proceed. Knowing Certified Foundation’s 20 year history of excellence, the professionals at CFI were called in by HDR to install Atlas resistance piers to support the columns. After a site visit, it was determined that not only would additional pin piles be needed but a 30ft H-Beam would need to be installed to support an existing platform. Compounding this now difficult job was the 100 cubic yards of grout previously pumped into the ground in 1995, making the 60kip ultimate load more difficult to achieve. Throw in the background checks necessary because of 9/11 as well as the 5 day time constraint on completion, this job could have been a nightmare. Fortunately for all concerned, not only was the job completed in a timely manner but also completed to the satisfaction of all involved.