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Commercial Projects – Brooksville Residence

Commercial Projects

CAS Automotive
Tampa, Florida

Geotechnical Engineer:
Central Florida Testing Laboratories

Structural Engineer:
Bracken Engineering

This Tampa small business faced a unique challenge when a confirmed sinkhole necessitated both deep compaction grouting and partial underpinning. The geotechnical engineer had designed a grid of interior grout points in each of the work bays at this auto repair shop causing great concern to the owner fearing his daily work flow would be either limited or stopped. After several meetings with the store owner and the field management team from Certified Foundations, Inc., a compromise was reached allowing both CFI to complete the grouting while allowing the mechanics to not only continue their work, but also to lose no time what so ever.

The anticipated partial underpinning began shortly after and a simple job meant to shore up an exterior CMU wall quickly turned more complicated. When saw cutting the concrete to expose the existing footer, CFI discovered multiple layers of reinforced concrete had been poured. This quickly became a delicate situation as a jack hammer had to be used adjacent to a wall that had rotated out and was currently shored to keep it from falling farther. Once again, the technical expertise of the CFI field personnel came into play, using judgment and skill to turn a difficult situation into a satisfactorily completed job and a “well done” from the owners.