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Commercial Projects

Edgewood, FL

Structural Engineer:
JFT Group

This unique home was built in the 1970’s and the owners thought it wise to include a bomb shelter in the construction. Through an unfortunate incident, a large amount of oil was spilled into the soil in the area around this bomb shelter. Due to environmental concerns, the soil had to be excavated. In order to accomplish this without damaging the structure, the engineer of record recommended 1) installing helical piers around the area to stabilize the load bearing walls and 2) install chemical grout 8 to 10 ft into the soil in a curtain-like fashion to prevent the soil from sliding into the excavated area and out from underneath the structure. Complicating the situation was the close proximity of the neighbor to the east; stabilization and repairs had to continue without causing damage to the neighboring home. Certified Foundations Inc. was contacted by the General Contractor, who was aware of CFI’s longevity and quality reputation in the foundation stabilization industry. In conjunction with this general contractor and the engineers of record, CFI was able to assist in providing stabilization of the structure by injecting 333.5 gallons of chemical grout along 3 sides of the structure so that the excavation could commencement.