Case Study: Elevator Pit Solutions


Seminole Isles Condominiums
Elevator Pit Water Intrusion

Our OSHA trained and “Confined Space” certified crews, can normally accomplish the water tight seal in two days!


Elevator Pit Water Intrusion – Chemical Group Polyurethane


After numerous failed attempts to apply various seal coatings, we were called in to permanently seal out the continual leaks in the elevator pits at Seminole Isles condominiums.


  • Clear communication and explanation of repair process. No surprises
  • Work authorization with accurate pricing and guarantee of quality workmanship with 3-year warranty
  • CFI team is available before/during/after hours
  • Repair is scheduled around convenience of customer
  • Knowledgeable, Responsive Staff to handle all customer service issues


By following the engineer’s recommendations, we were able to establish a grid system on the walls of the elevator pits. 5/8″ holes were then drilled through the walls, along the grid intersects and injected the polyurethane grout to the engineer’s specifications.

By creating a permanent and full ‘stop seal’, we were able to allow ‘anytime access’ to the elevator pits for future repair and maintenance. There are considerable savings when repair and replacement costs are reduced.

“I was pleased with how the crew managed this job. They were very good about keeping everything in order and as clean as possible. I would highly recommend CFI to anyone who needs this service.”

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