Seawall Repair Project in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

One of the most popular uses for chemical grout here in Florida is in seawall repair. This project at a hotel in Tampa Florida involved several depressions on the backside of a seawall, caused in part by cracking and water intrusion on the front side of the seawall. A polyurethane chemical grout was injected on the backside of the seawall and not only filled the depression but traveled through to the crack in the seawall and was able to correct the water intrusion.

“We are so grateful and satisfied with all the work you have done for us. Everyone that we have associated with from CFI has been wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable and hard working. Thanks so much!”

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“I was pleased with how the crew managed this job. They were very good about keeping everything in order and as clean as possible. I would highly recommend CFI to anyone who needs this service.”

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