Chemical Grouting Project in Tifton, GA

Tifton, Georgia

HC COLEMAN & COCFI was contacted by a Marietta Georgia contractor with the need to fill a void beneath the two influent channel structures that connected the aeration tanks. The settlement was caused by improper compaction during the initial construction of the water treatment plant during the 1970’s; this settlement was uncovered during this current phase of modifications. The Project Superintendent uncovered the void spaces during the removal of slabs in the area near the channels while preparing for the installation of electrical conduits for the retrofit. The channel structures had settled but had been repaired only at the cold joints prior to this slab removal. CFI injected DeNeef HA-Cut material beneath the channel sections to fill the void spaces. The material permeated the soil and traveled laterally to fill voids beneath both the surrounding sidewalk and the stair platforms. Overall, the project received 500 Lbs of chemical grout between the two areas. As the plant was to remain active during the retrofit, the project was completed with injection probes from the outside, in lieu of drilling holes within the channels. The GC was extremely happy with the quality, timeliness and overall professional job done by Certified Foundations.

“We are so grateful and satisfied with all the work you have done for us. Everyone that we have associated with from CFI has been wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable and hard working. Thanks so much!”

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“I was pleased with how the crew managed this job. They were very good about keeping everything in order and as clean as possible. I would highly recommend CFI to anyone who needs this service.”

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