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Slurry Grouting for Lakeland, Hudson, Kissimmee, Jacksonville and All Cities Throughout Florida

slurry groutingShallow slurry grouting is a key technique used to stabilize sub-standard surface soil and control erosion, which can prevent and remediate sinking in sidewalks, foundations and a wide range of other structures. Though it’s highly effective, this process can be messy, noisy and time consuming when improperly performed, which is why so many homeowners and geotechnical engineers turn to Certified Foundations, Inc. (CFI) to ensure that this work is done right. Our experienced, highly skilled team of foundation contractors is equipped with the tools, most advanced grout products, vehicles and training needed to complete any shallow slurry grouting project in a timely, precise and effective manner.

As a fully licensed general contractor, we’re capable of performing slurry grouting for virtually any municipal, commercial, industrial or residential property. In fact, our foundation company is one of the oldest in Florida and has a documented record of customer satisfaction that stretches back more than 20 years. We’ve achieved this sterling reputation by providing innovative customer service that simplifies the often complex and challenging process of chemical grouting. We assign an experienced project superintendent to organize each stage of your slurry grouting job to ensure that not only our staff but also any additional parties involved complete their work on schedule.  We also have customer care representatives who can manage the paperwork required by insurers, mortgage companies and others in order to simplify claims submissions and project documentation.

In addition to shallow slurry grouting for soil stabilization, we also offer a variety of other chemical grouting services, including:

To learn more about our shallow slurry grouting services, or other foundation repair and geotechnical construction options, contact CFI today. Our foundation company proudly serves customers in Tampa, Hernando County, Orlando, Jacksonville and all throughout Florida.