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Structural Steel Underpinning – FAQ

Q: How long does the average job take?
A: Depending on specific site conditions encountered the average job lasts only a few days.

Q: Can you install support piers inside the building?
A: Yes. We can install piles to support interior floor slabs, foundation walls, or column pads.

Q: When is the settlement damage considered bad enough to require attention?
A: This is a difficult question to answer. The answer can depend upon many variables. For example if the house is constructed with concrete blocks, a stair step type crack may develop. This can indicate differential settlement. (A portion of the building compressing into the supporting soils at a different rate than the adjacent areas of the structure.) The general rule is that if you see cracks in your building that are approaching 1/8″ of an inch or greater you may have a problem that needs to be looked at. * * IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any time the doors or windows that you would normally use as an exit in an emergency situation become jarred or hard to operate we recommend that you give this immediate attention!

Q: What is “Normal Florida Settlement”?
A: This is a concept that can be somewhat misleading. It is generally used to paraphrase the presumption that most structures are mildly reinforced, and when you construct these buildings on a sandy soil you are likely to see minor cracking in walls and interior finishes in the first several years after construction. In most cases when the building site has been prepared properly, an equilibrium can be established and the cracking should dissipate.

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