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Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing for Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and All Florida Communities

joint sealingCertified Foundations, Inc. (CFI) offers professional joint sealing services for projects throughout Florida. Our company has been providing foundation services since 1989, making us one of the oldest and most experienced foundation sealers in the state. We have expertly waterproofed a wide range of commercial, residential and public structures, including many in locations where the repair process presented significant challenges. Whether you’re having leaks in holding tanks at water treatment plants or installing infrastructure for a new subdivision, you can rely on our highly trained technicians to complete your joint sealing project with careful attention to detail.

In addition to joint sealing, we also offer a variety of other structural foundation repair services including:

  • Slurry grouting
  • Chemical grouting
  • Compaction grouting
  • Concrete restoration
  • Underpinning
  • And more

Our foundation company has made significant investments in our personnel, infrastructure and equipment, which allow us to provide precise installation of our products in the most challenging environments. In fact, we’ve even developed innovative tools for foundation leak repair work in limited access areas that have since become standard equipment in the industry. This ability to successfully complete complex projects has lead to CFI being listed as a recommended contractor for many of Florida’s top geotechnical engineers and insurers.

For more information on our joint sealing services or any of our soil stabilization, slab foundation repair or waterproofing services, contact CFI today. We’re proud to serve customers in Miami, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa and all throughout Florida.