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Warranty Information

A Foundation Warranty Designed for CFI’s Sinkhole Repairs in Tampa, Hudson, Hernando County, Orlando and the Rest of Florida

foundation warrantyWhen you want more than just a handshake guarantee that your sinkhole problem is fixed, you can rely on CFI’s foundation stabilization repair warranty to protect your home for years to come. This unique 10-year transferable sinkhole warranty was developed to meet our customers need to ensure the continued value of their home and property after damage from a sinkhole. This is the nation’s first warranty of its kind, and has been developed by Home Buyers Warranty Corporation, one of American’s oldest and largest warranty companies.  All of the materials and workmanship used in your sinkhole remediation project is covered.  And should you decide to sell your home in future, the warranty is fully transferable; providing peace of mind to both you, and any potential buyers.

With the CFI foundation warranty protection, your repair isn’t just protected by our company.  Home Buyers Warranty Corporation developed the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty program specifically for our foundation repair company and customers.  An exhaustive and thorough reviewing of CFI’s financial stability and technical competency resulted in the warranty offering. CFI’s exceptional record of successful job completion and the company’s longevity made it possible for Home Buyers Warranty Corporation to build this foundation warranty which is unlike any that they have created before.  Additionally, their Frontline services which are 24 hour hotline phone support services regarding questions about warranty performance will be provided to all of Certified Foundations, Inc. customers receiving the sink hole repair warranty benefit.

This foundation stabilization warranty is free of charge to our CFI customers.  It is both a sign of confidence, and our assurance that our workmanship and materials will stand the test of time. For more information about our foundation repair warranty programs for sinkhole repair, contact CFI today. We’re proud to serve customers in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and all throughout Florida.