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A.B. Chance Anchors for Underpinning in Jacksonville, Clearwater, Miami, Lakeland and All Throughout Florida

chance anchorsWhen Certified Foundations, Inc. (CFI) needs helical piles, only A.B. Chance anchors will do. A.B. Chance has been producing high-quality geotechnical anchors for more than 100 years, and, over this time, they have developed innovative products including the helical pile. All A.B. Chance piles and Atlas Resistance Piers are made here in the U.S.A. from American steel. This ensures they are both durable and made with a level of precision few other companies can match.  The durability and exceptional variety of foundation piers, piles and other geotechnical anchors that A.B. Chance manufactures, makes their company the perfect partner for CFI.

Our underpinning teams have all undergone factory training as part of membership in the Chance Alliance Network (CAN).  The in-house A.B. Chance engineers offer support to ensure that we get the right foundation anchors for each project and properly install them using best-practices. Thanks to our training and Chance Alliance Network membership, we are able to provide our customers with the 30-year warranty on all of the A.B. Chance anchors we install.

We stock a selection of these helical piles and resistance piers in our Lakeland facility, along with all the tools needed to provide precise installation in any environment. In fact, many tools designed to position piers and piles in limited access areas were originally developed in our work shop. CFI’s ability to effectively install A.B. Chance anchors even when facing challenging installation problems has helped our company successfully complete projects on a wide range of residential, commercial and public structures.

To find out more about our ability to provide reliable commercial and home underpinning services with A.B. Chance anchors, contact us today. Contractors, engineers and other professionals can also find technical specification on our A.B. Chance products here.