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Case Study: Helical Pier


Downtown Tampa, FL
The project was successfully completed in 2 days.

Creative Problem Solving & Thinking Outside the Box Made this “Boutique Big Box” Hotel Project a Gem.

Structural Engineers:  Belt Engineering – Tampa, FL
Geotechnical Engineers: BTL Engineering – Tampa, FL

Helical Piles Specifications:  A.B. Chance® Helical Pulldown Micropiles™; SS175 RCS with 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ Helicies; 11,000 ft. lbs. Maximum torque; 24 Ton Compressison Working Load, 5″ Grout Column

Soils & Embedment Depth:  Sandy Soil; 25ft. Average Embedment Depth


Helical Pier Installation for New Elevator Foundation


This vacant office building in one of the city’s prime riverfront locations is currently undergoing a major renovation


A great example of the smart building trend to foster the reclamation of architecture, the hotel will include 130 loft-like rooms, forward-thinking technology and a vibrant, atmosphere for its guests; all in an ideal location along the Tampa Riverwalk, considered to be the landmark gateway to downtown.

The original specs called for 6″ pin piles to be used for the deep foundations, but Certified Foundations representative Mike O’Connor decided to propose Chance Helical Pulldown Micropiles™ as a value engineered solution that would provide both a cost savings and a reduced project timeline.


The leads with four helix bearing plates were installed, and then 3′ extensions were used until the minimum required torque of 8,000 ft. lbs. was reached at an average depth of 25ft.