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May 2013- Florida’s sun and lush landscape attracts people to move here from all over the world. But the landscape may begin to drop its bloom and lose its blush when residents in area neighborhoods, friends, or your HOAs begin to receive calls about foundation settlement, and possible sinkhole activity.

foundation settling

Foundation Settlement Warning Signs can be as obvious as these stairstep cracks

“Why didn’t anyone warn me,” is a common question. But as a matter of fact, sinkholes are a naturally occurring feature often referred to as anomalies, or irregularities in Florida’s foundation bedrock. They are part of the landscape here.  All parts of the country have their own particular weather-related or geographic issues and we have seasonal hurricanes, droughts and sinkholes. Do we leave? Of course not! You get prepared, ‘just in case.’

Sinkhole Warning Signs: Sinkhole 101

Thankfully, dramatic sinkhole events that gobble cars in parking lots and open huge cracks in the ground make for vivid and frightening news footage, but they are a rarity and NOT the norm. In most cases, sinkholes operate on a much smaller and slower scale. Frequently, they announce themselves with warning signs that point to some instability below the ground – on your property or nearby. The right solution, executed in time, can restore stability and preserve the value of your home.

Your best protection against sinkholes is awareness. Know the signs and be prepared to act if you suspect a problem. Click here for a list of some of the typical warning signs that could indicate sinkhole activity.

  • Foundation Stabilization Professionals Speak Out about the Sinkhole Cover Collapse in Seffner, Florida

March 2013- In consideration and concern for the residents of Florida, FAShas issued a press release precipitated by the recent sinkhole cover collapse which resulted in the tragic death of a young man in Seffner, Florida.

Although rare occurances, these sinkholes can cause serious damage to Florida homes

As an actively involved industry leader, Certified Foundations, Inc. was a founding

member of FAS3, the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists. This is an association of engineers, geologists and contractors concerned with the planning, design and construction of subsurface grouting and foundation stabilization. FAS3 helps to set standards for conduct, workmanship and business practices for those involved in the profession.

We echo the sentiments of this professional organization when we say that the goal of Certified Foundations, Inc. has been, and always will be, to protect public safety in conjunction with the ethical investigation and the proper repair of sinkhole claims.

Finally, we concur with the recommendation that all concerned property owners, should routinely take the time to personally inspect their homes and property for unusual or new damage. If you see something of concern, contact your insurance company. In the event that you do have a sinkhole loss, request that a member of FAS3 be assigned to investigate your possible foundation problem and if necessary, ask that a specialist like Certified Foundations, Inc. be called in to repair your property.

March 2013 Press Release from FAS3

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