Chemical Grouting – Keypoints

The primary advantage of chemical grouting over a conventional cement slurry grout is its permeation capability in sandy bearing soils. In addition to soil stabilization, checmical grout can also be used as an expanding rigid foam to prevent water flow within a soil mass.

Chemical Grout can be used to help solidify loose fill materials that were placed prior to construction and were inadequately compacted.

Chemical grout can also be used to help seal joints or cracks in moving concrete structures.

Chemical Grout can be used to re-level concrete flatwork that has differentially settled.

Chemical grout can also be quite effective when preserving a shear plane in deep excavation applications.

Additional Key Points:

  • Environmentally safe, as it is an inert product
  • Fast curing
  • Subsurface infrastructure repair and rehabilitation
  • Pre-construction ground modification
  • Moisture displacement under slabs

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